Our story
In 2015, we decided to co-buy a home as family members.

Pooling resources seemed like a great way to increase our purchasing power and share expenses. Given our real estate, finance, and development backgrounds, we thought co-buying would be easy. We were wrong.

We learned that co-buying a home is complex. There are many unknowns and a lot of moving parts. The result? Friction, uncertainty, added costs, and avoidable risk.

Our experience inspired us to build an end-to-end platform to make buying a home with friends or family simpler, safer, and more affordable.

Thus, CoBuy was born. We've since helped thousands of friends, family members, couples, and groups become homeowners.

You spoke, we listened. 

We're launching Shared Homeowner OS™ to make co-ownership a viable path to owning a home and building wealth for a broader, more diverse audience.

From the start, folks have asked for ongoing support with decision-making, agreements, admin, risks, finances, payments, and more. Why? Closing on a purchase is just the start of co-ownership, which is essentially multi-party asset management coupled with living-as-a-service. What could go wrong?

CoBuy fast facts

💪   59 years experience in RE, finance, insurance, construction

🏠   Helped 1000s reach homeownership

⏳   36,500+ hours working with co-buyers & co-owners

🥇   1st company specialized in co-ownership

💻   1st home co-buying platform

📱   1st home co-ownership platform

📚   1st national co-ownership survey & report

🖥️   1st home co-buying course

Our team

Photo of Pamela Hughes, CoBuy co-founder and COO.
Pamela Hughes
Co-founder, COO

Forty years of experience across finance, real estate, insurance, and construction. Committed to personal empowerment through financial education. Best friends with a small dog known as Francis.

Photo of Matt Holmes, CoBuy co-founder and CEO.
Matt Holmes
Co-founder, CEO

Planned a career in rock & roll but ended up working in finance in London. Lived with buddies for twelve years and lined a lot of landlords' pockets. Also close to a small dog known as Francis.

CoBuy Advisor Kevin Yuen
Kevin Yuen

Chief Revenue Officer at Aerolane · Managing Broker at COMPASS · Investor

CoBuy Advisor James Baduor
James Baduor

Founding Designer at Mintlify · Co-founder at ADP List · Advisor · Investor

CoBuy Advisor Eben Pobee
Eben Pobee

CEO at EaglePay · City Council Member · Shoreline Community College Trustee · Investor

CoBuy Advisor Kenan Hneide
Kenan Hneide

Serial Founder · CTO · Product Lead · UCLA Anderson MBA Candidate · Mentor

Our values


Everything works better when we're transparent with one another.


Breaking down all the barriers, facilitating connections.


Earned and maintained. No B.S.


Fine guard rails for work, life, and play.

CoBuyer success stories

We've helped thousands of co-buyers become homeowners since 2016. Hear from past CoBuy customers in their own words.