Homeownership with friends, simplified

Shared Homeowner OS™ is an app for friends to manage co-ownership. Plan, protect, & track in one place.

By the original co-ownership experts.
Friends who co-own a home using Shared Homeowner OS™ to manage co-ownership.
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Co-owning with buddies is complicated. With Shared Homeowner OS™, it's easy.

We’ve spent 35,500+ hours and helped hundreds of friends navigate co-ownership to bring you Shared Homeowner OS™.

Streamline decision-making

Tackle big decisions—and little ones, too—with expert guidance at every step. Shared Homeowner OS™ makes it easy to discuss and get on the same page about finances, ownership interests, rights and responsibilities, risk-handling, and more.

No guesswork, no going around in circles.

Product animation shows how Shared Homeowner OS™ simplifies building consensus for friends who co-own a home.
Shared Homeowner OS™ helps friends who co-own a home together create and digitally sign a custom co-ownership agreement.

Create customized agreements

Friendship is awesome, but it's not a legal framework. Shared Homeowner OS™ helps you get everything in writing to clarify mutually-agreed terms and protect each other.

Create your Co-ownership Agreement

Generate a Memorandum of Agreement

Digitally sign to execute from anywhere

Update anytime with a few taps

Plan for the future

Define your exit strategy to ensure a smooth transition for the eventual sale, transfer, or unwind of your co-ownership arrangement.

With a solid plan, friendships grow and everyone wins.

Product animation shows how Shared Homeowner OS™ simplifies creating an exit strategy for friends who co-own a home.
Product animation shows how Shared Homeowner OS™ simplifies managing documentation around co-ownership for friends who co-own a home.

Manage paperwork, like a boss

Keep track of all your important files, records, and receipts related to co-ownership in one place. Your secure document vault provides easy access, sharing, and version control.

Blockchain authentication from each co-owner adds transparency and ensures your docs are always there when you need them.

Why wing it?

Take control of your co-investment.
Wing it
Pay attorney to draft agreements
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Shared Homeowner OS™
CostFree$5,000 - $10,000
Risk level








💪 No guesswork, more upside.

Save $10k on upfront legal fees

Save 120 hours a year on admin

Avoid conflict, court, and probate


Your questions, answered.

What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership is when two or more people who are not married to one another own a home together.

Friends, family members, or couples—or any combination—can own a home together.

Co-ownership is also called shared homeownership, fractional homeownership, or joint homeownership.

What is Shared Homeowner OS™?

Shared Homeowner OS™ is an app to help you plan, structure, and manage co-ownership together efficiently and effectively.

What does it do?

With Shared Homeowner OS™, you’re able to manage co-ownership like a pro:

🤝 Streamline decisions
💸 Plan finances, expenses, payments
📝 Create a Co-ownership Agreement in 45 minutes
✍️ Digitally sign from anywhere
🔐 Manage key documents
🚪 Define an exit strategy
🪄 Update anytime

Shared Homeowner OS™ puts co-owners in control over the entire lifecycle:

- Avoid guesswork and conflict
- Save $1,000s on legal fees
- Save 120 hours a year on admin
- Protect relationships, investments, and the home

Instead of winging it, you can de-risk, protect, and build wealth.

Who is it for?

Shared Homeowner OS™ helps folks who own a home together:

- Friends
- Family members
- Unmarried couples
- Couples
- Combinations of the above

Today, we're setup to help those who:

1. Co-own a home in the U.S.
2. Co-own a home as a group of 2 to 4 total (excluding renters, kids, anyone not on Title)

We're working to expand our offering.

How much does it cost?

Shared Homeowner OS™ subscription:

$30.00 / person / month, paid annually
$22.50 / person / month, paid annually  (25% off during private beta and beta)

That’s less than the cost of one cappuccino a week to protect your relationships, investment, and home.

What is a beta?

A beta is when our app is opened up for more people to try. During this phase, we invite a larger group to use the app and tell us what they think. Your feedback helps us spot any issues and improve the app before its full release. It's a team effort to make the app the best it can be.

How do we get started?

Join the waitlist for our beta here.

Thanks to all our private beta participants! We'll notify private beta participants and folks on the waitlist (in that order) ahead of the beta launch.

Our co-owners say it best

"They called out things we had not thought of and helped us craft an operating agreement. I could not imagine going through this without CoBuy."

Peggy, Terry, Ray

Friend Co-owners

"CoBuy worked with us to navigate a system not built for communal home ownership. CoBuy is amazing, I would highly recommend."

Skyler & friends

Friend Co-owners

Friends, co-owners, and CoBuy customers, Amber & Nate.
"You want to know that you're taking care of yourself and your co-owner.

What things should we talk through? What are all of the risk factors? What are the exit strategies? What levers can you pull along the way? The potential for either of us to get into a long term committed relationship could complicate the situation.

CoBuy makes it easy. 100% recommend."

Amber, Nate

Friend Co-owners

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