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How to co-buy a home with friends, family, or your partner

Benefit from 32,000+ hours of hands-on experience assisting 1000s of co-buyers. This course delivers clear, actionable guidance to kickstart your wealth-building through co-ownership.

How to co-buy a home with friends, family, or your partner online course on a laptop.
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About this course


Buying and owning a home together is complicated. In this course, we break down the process of co-buying a home step-by-step and share our battle-tested strategy for success—before, during, and after your purchase.

You'll learn:

  • How co-buying works
  • How to minimize the time and cost
  • How to select the right RE agent, lender, and other professionals
  • How to secure the mortgage of best fit
  • How to maximize Return on Investment
  • How to protect your home, relationship(s), and finances


Create a co-buying action plan

Develop a strategy for co-ownership

Cut your purchase timeline by 50% vs. US average

Save $25k to $50k in expenses & costs


3 hours, excluding exercises and case studies


Online on-demand content
+ workbook, tools, and templates


Overview of the co-buying process

Planning & building consensus

Getting a joint mortgage

Navigating the home search, negotiations, & transaction

Structuring co-ownership

Safeguarding against the risks

Developing an exit strategy

Beyond the purchase

Developed by

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CoBuy simplifies shared homeownership. Homeownership wasn't designed for friends, family members, and unmarried couples. So we're fixing it.

Photo of Matt Holmes, CoBuy co-founder and CEO.
Matt Holmes
Co-founder, CEO
Photo of Pamela Hughes, CoBuy co-founder and COO.
Pam Hughes
Co-founder, COO

CoBuyer success stories

"Being a first-time homebuyer, you don't know where to begin. The process is complex if you are co-buying with someone else. With CoBuy, we felt much more confident."

Timofei & Maria

Unmarried Couple

"Having CoBuy to lean on for advice and guidance throughout our home buying journey from start to finish was a huge asset, and I'd highly recommend anyone else thinking of buying a home as a collective."

Skyler & crew


"Easy, frustration free, and educational. Working with CoBuy took the confusion and pain out of the buying process."

Douglas & Lauren

Father & Daughter

"Thank you to CoBuy for facilitating the process! If you're interested in co-ownership with friends or family, we can't recommend them enough."

Sally & Kate

Mother & Daughter

"It's not a stretch to say CoBuy is the reason we just purchased our first home. CoBuy provided the education we needed to confidently navigate the process. Cheers CoBuy!"

Robin, Tori, Bryan

Unmarried Couple +Father

"CoBuy made buying a family home very easy and understandable. Much simpler and easier than I expected. We closed quickly and without a hitch. Thanks CoBuy!"

Rich & family

Multi-generational Household

Industry pros weigh in

"CoBuyers find homes much faster. They are very clear on what they are looking for due to the CoBuy program.

When they find the home, they are ready."
CoBuy-certified™ real estate agent Don Koonce.

Don Koonce

RE Agent


"CoBuy has been able to assist buyers to tackle the process of buying a home together, step by step.

I love the fact that CoBuy helps buyers to set up a framework for co-ownership so that things go smoothly and the individuals involved are protected."
Headshot of Trevor Reese, Loan Officer and Area Manager at Revolution Mortgage.

Trevor Reese

Area Manager

Revolution Mortgage

"Homeownership is evolving; it's not a one-size-fits-all concept anymore.

CoBuy recognizes this and gives you the tangible resources to make homeownership adapt to your needs while covering all of the practical and technical bases."
Headshot of Edward Ong, Principal at Corpen Real Estate Group, attorney, and broker.

Edward Ong

Principal • Broker • Attorney

Corpen Real Estate Group

"CoBuy is innovative and client-centric. They educate clients on the entire property buying process and joint ownership.

I am excited to continue to work with the CoBuy team."
CoBuy-certified™ real estate attorney Raemi Gilkerson.

Raemi Gilkerson


Leos & Gilkerson, PLLC

"It is important to have all parties on the same page on issues that don't necessarily show up on loan documents or purchase contracts.

Having a service like CoBuy can make all the difference between a transaction successfully completing or unravelling."
Headshot of Frank Sandoval, Loan Officer at U.S. Bank.

Frank Sandoval

Loan Officer

US Bank

"I have the pleasure of working with fantastic people who are taking advantage of CoBuy’s creative solutions.

My buyers  and I were extremely happy with the guidance and assistance from CoBuy."
CoBuy-certified™ real estate agent Randy Pirtle.

Randy Pirtle

RE Agent

Windermere Yarrow Bay

"The CoBuy crew are informative and knowledgeable! They create a simple, yet well thought out solution.

They are incredibly communicative with their clients and business partners. Their entire team keeps your best interest in mind throughout the process."
CoBuy-certified™ RE broker Jon Bye.

Jon Bye

Broker • Team Lead

JB & Associates Real Estate

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in buying a home with someone who isn't their spouse:

• a friend
• a relative
• a significant other

...or all of the above. We've worked with buyer groups of all shapes and sizes.

Buying—and owning—a home are fundamentally complex. Engaging in either with someone you aren't married to adds layers of complexity for two reasons.

1. Most systems built to enable and support homeownership are geared towards married couples by default. Marriage creates a legal contract between two people that otherwise does not exist. This is a game changer for financing, owning, insuring, and transferring property.

2. Multi-party ventures of any kind require alignment, communication, cooperation, and performance. The bar for success is high, and there are many potential points of failure.

After this course, you will be better equipped to navigate these challenges.

What is CoBuy?

CoBuy is a real estate technology company created by veteran real estate and finance professionals to simplify shared homeownership. Our goal: to unlock homeownership and wealth creation for all.

We developed and launched the world's first home co-buying platform in 2017. In June 2023, we launched Shared Homeowner OS™ to empower folks to manage all aspects of co-owning a home.

Co-buyers and co-owners need support. Unlike most real estate companies and financial institutions, CoBuy is a neutral third-party.

We do not:

• Get paid on commission
• Originate mortgages
• Lend money
• Take an equity stake in homes

As a partner to our customers—not a counterparty—we are able to be objective and better aligned with our customers' long-term wellbeing.

When should co-buyers start planning?

The earlier, the better.

We often see folks wait until they find the perfect home to prepare. This is stressful, generally not effective, and often leads to rushed decision-making.

Co-buyers who plan and build consensus early experience a smoother home purchase process. Their offer acceptance rate is 3-5x higher, they are less likely to encounter problems during closing, and they feel better about their purchase. Many of the CoBuy groups we have worked with started researching and planning anywhere from two to four years ahead of their home purchase.

Why did CoBuy create this course?

Popular demand.

We sunset our co-buying platform at in August 2023 to focus on our new platform, Shared Homeowner OS™. Many of the folks who have signed up for Shared Homeowner OS™ have indicated they first need help to co-buy. After running live events and webinars for years, it's clear that an on-demand course provides greater flexibility and accessibility.

We've packed years of experience into this course to unlock opportunity and create pathways to homeownership for a broader audience. Knowledge is power.

How many of us should sign up?

That's up to you.

Having worked with thousands of co-buyers over seven years, we can confidently say that it's preferable to have everyone involved. Your relationships, hard-earned money, and (future) home are on the line. The return on investment of your time, social capital, financial capital, and energy over your co-ownership journey will be a function of what you put in.

That said, any preparation and research is better than nothing.


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