One tool to manage
co-ownership, together.

Money matters

Plan finances, expenses, and payments.


Define structure and individual interests.


Identify, safeguard, and specify remedies.


Streamline day-to-day tasks.

Rights & responsibilities

Align goals and expectations, flexibly.

Exit strategy

Prepare for eventual unwind or transfer.

Co-ownership, simplified.

Shared Homeowner OS™ puts you in control over the full ownership lifecycle.

Set your terms

Set your terms

Collaborate in real-time with step-by-step guidance to set the terms of your co-ownership arrangement. An intuitive workflow streamlines decision-making. Eliminate guesswork, avoid drama.

Create flexible agreements

Create flexible agreements

Generate, review, and digitally sign agreements. Executed agreements are encrypted and recorded to blockchain. Need to make a change? No problem. Modify, confirm, and re-execute in a few taps.

Organize docs, records, receipts

Organize docs, records, receipts

Store all your important files in one place with easy access, sharing, and version control. Authentication by all co-owners marks files as legit. Breathe easier when tax season rolls around, or it’s time to sell.

Seriously secure.

You control your data. We go to great lengths to keep it safe and secure.

Multi-factor ID verification

Government ID cross-referenced with live imaging and personal verifiers.

Blockchain authentication

Smart contracts from the world's fastest, most secure blockchain network.

256-bit advanced encryption

Data encryption algorithms used by the United States National Security Agency.

Cover your risk, build wealth.

With Shared Homeowner OS™, manage your co-investment like a pro—and enjoy the upside.

Nobody knows co-ownership better. We've worked with thousands of co-buyers and co-owners, and been there ourselves.

Save $10k on upfront legal fees

Eliminate 10 hours of admin per month

Avoid conflicts, court, and probate

Minimize unexpected tax consequences

Plan your exit strategy

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