Shared Homeowner OS™ Beta: Launching Q2 2024

Matt Holmes
April 12, 2024
CoBuy's Shared Homeowner OS™ Beta launching this Q2
ℹ️ TL;DR

Shared Homeowner OS™ is the app to manage home co-ownership
Create a custom Co-ownership Agreement from your sofa or the bus
Beta launches this quarter, join the waitlist now

Home co-ownership is complicated.

Nearly 60 million Americans co-own a home with a friend, relative, or loved one. Most will tell you there’s a lot to juggle:

- Planning
- Decision-making
- Finances
- Agreements
- Documents, records, receipts
- Maintenance and repairs
- Admin
- Taxes
- Risks
- Exit strategy

Co-owners have to align on how to handle a shared asset (home) and a joint liability (mortgage). In many ways, co-ownership is like a business partnership. Both involve multiple parties, joint investment, and shared interests.

But while business partners have modern tools to manage all these moving parts, co-owners don’t!

Until now.

We’re stoked to announce we’re launching Shared Homeowner OS™ Beta this Q2!

After a successful private beta phase, we’re iterating the app based on feedback and learnings. Thanks to all our private beta participants!

Want early access?

👉 Join the Shared Homeowner OS™ Beta waitlist here.


Who is CoBuy?

We’re a Seattle-based company started in 2016 by mother-and-son co-owners to simplify home co-ownership for friends, relatives, and partners.

Before CoBuy, we worked in real estate and finance. We’ve since helped thousands of co-buyers become homeowners and clocked over 35,500 hours working with co-buyers and co-owners.

We leverage domain expertise and cutting-edge tech to make co-ownership simple, safe, and a smart investment.

Learn more about us here.

What is Shared Homeowner OS™?

Shared Homeowner OS™ is an app to plan and manage home co-ownership with friends, relatives, or your partner.

We developed Shared Homeowner OS™ in response to CoBuy customer feedback.

For years we helped friends, relatives, couples, and groups navigate the co-buying process. But CoBuyers told us they need help with everything that happens after the home purchase closes. We’re co-owners ourselves, and this feedback resonated.

So we designed and developed Shared Homeowner OS™. It’s built to address all the challenges we’ve tackled over the years—both professionally in our work with co-buyers, but also personally as co-owners. We use the app, too!

Learn more about our pivot here.

What does Shared Homeowner OS™ do?

Shared Homeowner OS™ helps you plan, structure, and manage co-ownership, together:

🤝 Streamline decisions

💸 Plan finances, expenses, payments

🚪 Define your exit strategy

📝 Create a Co-ownership Agreement in 45 minutes

✍️ Digitally sign to execute

🔐 Manage all documentation

🪄 Make changes with a few taps—any time, anywhere

How is it useful?

Co-owning a home is multi-party asset management. You and your co-owner(s) co-invest and manage an asset worth several hundred thousand dollars or more, together.

Should you just wing it? Bad idea. There’s too much at stake: your relationship(s), investment, home, and personal finances.

Shared Homeowner OS™ puts you in control over the full co-ownership lifecycle.

✅ Avoid guesswork and conflict

✅ Save $1,000s on legal fees

✅ Save 120+ hours a year on admin

✅ Protect your relationship(s), home, investment

De-risk, gain peace of mind, build wealth.

Can it help us create a Co-ownership Agreement?


The Co-ownership Agreement is foundational to co-ownership. Most folks don’t know that it’s a living document that reflects the results of dynamic decision-making. It’s not a fill-in-the-blank kind of thing.

With Shared Homeowner OS™, it’s easy to get on the same page, generate a customized Co-ownership Agreement, and digitally sign to execute. We also help you create a supporting Memorandum of Agreement.

Need to make a change? No problem—all it takes is a few taps.

All agreements include signing certificates and are recorded to blockchain with versioning. Translation? No one can tamper with your agreements, it’s near impossible to challenge their authenticity, and they can’t be lost.

Learn more about Co-ownership Agreements and how we use blockchain.

What’s a Beta?

A Beta app release comes after a Private Beta release. It’s when access to the app is opened up to a larger group to use, share feedback, and drive what comes next. The Beta release comes before a full public launch.

How much does it cost?

Beta participants gat 25% off an annual subscription.

Full price: $30 per user per month, billed annually.

Beta price: $22.50 per user per month, billed annually.

That’s 75 cents a day, or $270 for the year—less than a 1-hour attorney consultation.

Transparency: offer is limited to the first 1,000 signups, excluding private beta participants.

Where can I sign up?

👉 Join the Shared Homeowner OS™ Beta waitlist here.