🚀 Course Launch: How to CoBuy a Home

Matt Holmes
November 5, 2023

What if it was easy to buy and own a home with your buddy, honey, or grandma? Would you do it?

Today we launch a new online course:

How to co-buy a home with friends, family, or your partner

This badboy packs eight years of field experience spanning 33,000 hours working with thousands of co-buyers into an actionable, practical course.

We’ve spent the last two months condensing everything co-buyers need to plan and execute a successful purchase into a digital offering. It wasn’t easy. There’s a lot of material. Honestly, things aren’t exactly linear. Fortunately, we’ve done this a few times.

But we don’t stop there. Co-buying is only the beginning of co-ownership. This course takes a uniquely long-term approach that traditional real estate agents and other sales people can’t and don’t offer.

Why should anyone listen to us?

We know our shit at CoBuy:

  • Developed 1st online platform for co-buying homes
  • Developed 1st online platform for managing co-ownership of primary residences, powered by blockchain
  • Founders have 59 years of experience across real estate, finance, credit, insurance, and construction
  • 33,000 hours of hands-on experience assisting co-buyers & co-owners
  • Mother-and-son founders, co-owners, multigenerational household

We’re excited to share our expertise! The real estate industry needs more transparency, and consumers deserve better information to inform the largest purchase of their lives.

We know the hurdles, because we’ve been there.

When the system fails: fix it. That's what we're doing.