Lift off for Shared Homeowner OS™

Team CoBuy
June 3, 2023

We are LIVE!

Thank you CoBuyers, friends, supporters.

Turns out, building this platform was bigger than we thought. We chose to use badass new tech—blockchain—because it benefits co-owners. This created more work, and required more testing. 

Most of the blockchain stuff happens under the hood. In our next post, we’ll lay out how we’re using blockchain and exactly how that adds value to co-owners over the full lifecycle of shared homeownership.

Private beta

Gratitude to those who have already signed up!

In our private beta phase, we’re onboarding a select number of co-owner groups:

  • Groups of 2 to 4 owners 
  • Currently co-own a home or under contract on a home purchase
  • Early adopters 

For our first cohort, we’re offering a 50% discount and full access to our team. Want to be first? Apply by July 31st.


Applications for our second cohort now open! Apply by September 30th for a 25% discount and full access to our team.