New Course: How to Co-Buy a Home with Friends, Fam, Partner

Team CoBuy
September 18, 2023
News release from CoBuy: new online course on how to co-buy a home

By popular demand, CoBuy unveils a comprehensive online course on how to co-buy a home. Join the waitlist to kickstart your co-ownership journey.

This summer we launched Shared Homeowner OS™, an app for friends, family, and unmarried couples to manage co-ownership efficiently and effectively. This marked an evolution in CoBuy’s business focus from facilitating co-buying homes to facilitating home co-ownership.

But many folks signing up for Shared Homeowner OS™ say they haven’t yet purchased a home, and they need help. We understand the challenges. In the current market environment, co-ownership is becoming both more attractive and more difficult. Higher rates, lack of housing supply, a proliferation of new real estate models, and information overload don’t help.

So we’re stoked to share that we’re launching an educational course designed to help anyone looking to co-buy a home kickstart the journey to building wealth through co-ownership:

🆕 New Course: How to Co-Buy a Home with Friends, Family, or Your Partner

We’ve successfully run live events and webinars for years. Today, we believe an on-demand course provides greater flexibility and accessibility for a broad audience.

The course provides actionable insights and our field-tested strategy for success—before, during, and after a home purchase. Participants will benefit from 32,000+ hours of hands-on experience assisting 1000s of co-buyers and co-owners.

Learn more and join the waitlist to access the Early-bird Offer at