A new name? Meet Co-ownerOS™.

Team CoBuy
May 2, 2024
Meet Co-ownerOS™. We're giving Shared Homeowner OS™ a makeover.

What’s in a name?

Ours is CoBuy.

When we started in 2016, we focused on helping friends, relatives, and couples navigate the home co-buying process. We chose our name because it's simple and descriptive. Hopefully, easy to remember, too.

Of course, we’ve evolved. Our latest app helps you manage home co-ownership—an important, shared investment. During the Private Beta phase, we called the new app Shared Homeowner OS™.

Kinda clunky, right?

In the upcoming Beta release, you’ll see the app rebranded from Shared Homeowner OS™ to Co-ownerOS™.

One small step for CoBuy, one giant leap in time savings for our co-owners, friends, supporters, and team when saying it aloud or typing it out. Bear with us while we make the transition over the next few weeks!

As for our name? Well, we’re keeping CoBuy. Still feels like a great fit.

👉 Learn more about Co-ownerOS™ or join the Co-ownerOS™ Beta waitlist here.