Let’s Level the Playing Field

Team CoBuy
August 8, 2023
CoBuy launches initiative to empower low-to-moderate Income households.

At CoBuy, we’re on a mission to unlock access to homeownership and wealth creation for all. We’re stoked to announce a significant step towards that goal: a 75% discount on Shared Homeowner OS™ subscriptions for lower-income homeowners.

The system is broken

The systems that support homeownership serve one type of homeowner: married couples. For everyone else, homeownership means greater risk, higher costs, and more complexity. Co-owners don’t enjoy the same rights or protections as married couples. They also have to manage many moving parts. These include decision-making, finances, agreements, admin, risk, and exit strategy, to name a few.

This design flaw disadvantages 50 million co-owners, creates barriers to wealth, and disproportionately impacts low-income households and people of color.

We’re leveling the playing field

We created a powerful new tool to make co-owning a home with friends or family simpler, safer, and more rewarding.

With Shared Homeowner OS™, co-owners can plan and manage co-ownership together.

🤝 Streamline decisions

💸 Plan finances, expenses, payments

📝 Create a Co-ownership Agreement in 45 minutes

✍️ Digitally sign from anywhere

🔐 Manage key documents

🚪 Define an exit strategy

🪄 Update anytime

Shared Homeowner OS™ puts co-owners in control over the entire lifecycle:

  • Avoid guesswork and conflict
  • Save $1,000s on legal fees
  • Save 120 hours a year on admin
  • Protect relationships, investments, and the home

Instead of winging it, co-owners de-risk and build wealth.

Access for all

Everyone should have access to tools that empower financial freedom. 

That’s why we’re offering Low-to-Moderate Income households a 75% discount on an annual subscription to Shared Homeowner OS™. Participants also get direct access to our team. With this initiative, we’re bringing this powerful tool to those who need it most.

The system is broken. Let’s fix it together.

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ℹ️ About CoBuy

CoBuy is a Seattle-based company founded in 2017 to make co-ownership simple and accessible.

We’ve spent over 32,000 hours tackling co-ownership and helped thousands to navigate the co-buying process. Joint home purchases are challenging, but closing on a home is just the start of the journey. With our new Shared Homeowner OS™, co-owners can manage the entire co-ownership lifecycle.


What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership involves two or more people who aren’t married to one another sharing ownership interest in a home. Co-owners can be friends, family members, or couples. Co-ownership is also commonly referred to as shared homeownership, joint homeownership, or fractional homeownership

Who is eligible?

The 75% discount off an annual subscription to Shared Homeowner OS™ is open to co-owners who meet the following criteria:

  • Combined household income that qualifies as Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI)
  • Co-own a home or under contract
  • Two to four co-owners in total (excludes renters, children, and anyone not on Title to the property)

What’s a “Low-to-Moderate lncome household”?

A household with a combined income of less than 80% of the area median family income qualifies as Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI).

Click here to check the median family income in your County.

How do we apply?

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