Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report

Home co-ownership with friends, relatives, and partners is off the charts. Dive into the latest data and trends in Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report.

Published on
April 19, 2024
Updated on
April 19, 2024
Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report
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Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes
Planned a career in rock & roll, ended up studying economics and working in finance. Started CoBuy with my mom when we struggled to navigate all the moving parts.
Pam Hughes
Pam Hughes
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Team CoBuy
Team CoBuy
CoBuy simplifies shared homeownership. Homeownership wasn't designed for friends, family members, and unmarried couples. So we're fixing it.


We're excited to share the latest edition of our annual report on the state of home co-ownership in the US.

This year, we draw on survey data from 1,954 co-buyers and co-owners across 601 groups in 50 states and Washington, D.C. We also share insights gleaned from dealing with thousands of co-owners at every stage since 2016.

πŸ’‘ A few fast facts...

  • 29% of home purchases involve co-buyersβ€”friends, relatives, couples, or groups.
  • Across the US, there are now 58 million co-owners.
  • The average number of co-owners in a group is 3.3.

Home co-ownership isn't confined to San Francisco and New York City, nor is it a passing fad led by folks who subscribe to alternative lifestyles. Quite the opposite: co-ownership is mainstream.

Despite how popular it's become, there's a lot of work to do. Co-ownership remains poorly understood and largely unsupported by the systems that make homeownership possible.

What's inside

In our 2024 report, we cover a lot of ground and answer many questions:


β†’ Who co-owns homes?

β†’ What does co-ownership look like?

β†’ What are the challenges?

β†’ What do timelines look like?

β†’ Where do folks co-own?

β†’ Why do folks co-own?


We also explore trends, headline challenges, and opportunities going forward.

Check out the report


πŸ‘‰ Download the full Co-Buying & Co-Owning a Home 2024 Report here.



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