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Should you form an LLC to co-buy a home?

Forming an LLC to co-buy and co-own property has implications for financing, accounting, taxes, and legal. We break it down and talk to the experts.

Homeownership hack: teaming up gets you more bang for your buck

Teaming up to buy and own a home cuts upfront costs by 50%, and the financial benefits don’t stop there.

Interview: when friends buy a home together

What if teaming up with a friend made it possible to buy your own place and pay your own mortgage? We talked to Amber and Nate—two friends who saw the opportunity and made it happen.

So you wanna buy a home with family members?

For our family, the decision to buy and own a home together was easy. The rest was not. Here are the questions we should have asked ourselves.

What's a Co-ownership Agreement and why does it matter?

Friends and family who co-own a home should get things in writing. Codifying the terms of co-ownership is key, but it's not just about a document.

How to split ownership of a home

Buying a home with friends, family, or your partner? Here's our field-tested framework for how to divide ownership interest in a property.
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