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Co-ownership articles & insights for relatives

Learn how to plan, structure, and manage home co-ownership as family members—for multi-generational households, siblings, and relatives.

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Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report

Home co-ownership with friends, relatives, and partners is off the charts. Dive into the latest data and trends in Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report.

Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2023 Report

Home co-ownership involving friends, family, and couples is rising. Co-buyers account for 26.7% of all home purchases, and 53 million people live in co-owned homes.

Do Better: Wise Co-owners Avoid These 5 Flashpoints

Own a home with friends, family, or your partner? Learn which flashpoints to steer clear of in shared homeownership to minimize costs, stress, and risk.

The Ultimate Guide to Shared Homeownership

We drop our latest field notes to help co-owners build wealth, make memories, and feel good doing it.

Co-ownership 101: How to Achieve a Happy Ending

Every co-ownership arrangement eventually ends through sale, transfer, or death. Failure to plan is silly. Here's how to avoid sticky situations.

Co-ownership 101: A Roadmap to Better Returns

Over 50 million U.S. folks co-own a home, but most treat co-ownership as a one-off investment decision. What are they missing?

Excellent Documentation is Co-owners' Best F*****g Bet!

69% of co-owners want help with documentation and record-keeping. But outdated tools won't cut it. Here’s how to protect, build wealth, and maximize ROI in co-ownership.

Should you form an LLC to co-buy a home?

Forming an LLC to co-buy and co-own property has implications for financing, accounting, taxes, and legal. We break it down and talk to the experts.

Homeownership Hack: Team Up to Get More House

Teaming up to co-buy and co-own a home with friends or family cuts costs by 41%, and the financial benefits don’t stop there.

So you wanna buy a home with family members?

For our family, the decision to buy and own a home together was easy. The rest was not. Here are the questions we should have asked ourselves.

What's a Co-ownership Agreement & How to Create One

Learn how a co-ownership agreement can protect your home, relationships, and financial interests in shared homeownership.

How to split ownership of a home

Learn how to split ownership interest in a co-owned home with friends, family, or your partner, including factors to consider and how to avoid common pitfalls.
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