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Co-ownership articles & insights for unmarried couples

Learn how to plan, structure, and manage home co-ownership as an unmarried couple.

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Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report

Home co-ownership with friends, relatives, and partners is off the charts. Dive into the latest data and trends in Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2024 Report.

Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2023 Report

Home co-ownership involving friends, family, and couples is rising. Co-buyers account for 26.7% of all home purchases, and 53 million people live in co-owned homes.

Do Better: Wise Co-owners Avoid These 5 Flashpoints

Own a home with friends, family, or your partner? Learn which flashpoints to steer clear of in shared homeownership to minimize costs, stress, and risk.

How to Co-own a Home with an Unmarried Partner

Unmarried couples can co-own homes, but they need to be strategic. Learn how to protect yourself and de-risk your investment.

The Ultimate Guide to Shared Homeownership

We drop our latest field notes to help co-owners build wealth, make memories, and feel good doing it.

Co-ownership 101: How to Achieve a Happy Ending

Every co-ownership arrangement eventually ends through sale, transfer, or death. Failure to plan is silly. Here's how to avoid sticky situations.

Co-ownership 101: A Roadmap to Better Returns

Over 50 million U.S. folks co-own a home, but most treat co-ownership as a one-off investment decision. What are they missing?

Excellent Documentation is Co-owners' Best F*****g Bet!

69% of co-owners want help with documentation and record-keeping. But outdated tools won't cut it. Here’s how to protect, build wealth, and maximize ROI in co-ownership.

Should you form an LLC to co-buy a home?

Forming an LLC to co-buy and co-own property has implications for financing, accounting, taxes, and legal. We break it down and talk to the experts.

Homeownership Hack: Team Up to Get More House

Teaming up to co-buy and co-own a home with friends or family cuts costs by 41%, and the financial benefits don’t stop there.

What's a Co-ownership Agreement & How to Create One

Learn how a co-ownership agreement can protect your home, relationships, and financial interests in shared homeownership.

How to split ownership of a home

Learn how to split ownership interest in a co-owned home with friends, family, or your partner, including factors to consider and how to avoid common pitfalls.
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