CoBuy Unveils 2023 Report on Home Co-Buying & Co-Ownership

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September 26, 2023


CoBuy Unveils Groundbreaking 2023 Report on Home Co-Buying & Co-Ownership

Seattle, WA, September 26, 2023 — CoBuy, the pioneer in facilitating shared homeownership involving friends and relatives, today released its comprehensive Co-buying & Co-owning a Home 2023 Report. The report offers an unprecedented look into the rise of co-ownership, drawing on data from consumer interactions and over 32,000 hours of hands-on experience.

Key Highlights

  • Co-buyers now account for 26.7% of all  US home purchases.
  • 53 million Americans currently reside in co-owned homes.
  • Financial factors are the #1 driving force behind the decision to co-buy and co-own a home.

A New Paradigm in Homeownership

"Home co-ownership is not a trend; it's a seismic shift in how Americans perceive and attain homeownership," said CoBuy COO, Pam Hughes. "Our 2023 report is the definitive guide for anyone navigating co-buying and co-ownership. Knowledge is power. We’re publishing this report inline with our mission: to make co-ownership simpler, safer, and a better investment."

About the Report

The report examines the composition of co-buyer and co-owner groups, common pain points, frequency by geography, and key trends. Source data includes a study of 1,419 US residents and field notes from customer interactions over the past seven years.

About CoBuy

CoBuy is a WealthTech company created by veteran finance and real estate professionals to unlock homeownership and wealth creation for friends, family members, and couples. They offer co-buyers a course on How to CoBuy a Home with Friends, Family, or your Partner. CoBuy’s new Shared Homeowner OS™ app helps co-owners manage their most important asset together over the full co-ownership lifecycle. 

For more information visit or view the report here.


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